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Keep using that turbo

Even though the sun has come out and the days and nights are warmer the turbo trainer still has a role to play in your training routine.
For sure get out in the sunshine and enjoy riding outside whenever you can, but you can still add the turbo into that mix.

So lets say you're like most bike riders out there and you have limited time to get out. This is where the turbo can really be your friend. If you're time crunched you can do so much in the way of training in a short period of time.

I often talk to clients who have some days where they can do no more than 40 minutes training. Well if those 40 minutes are made up of a tough interval session you'll certainly know you've had a quality workout.
You may even find you are able to structure your workouts much better knowing you have the turbo set up and ready to go straight after work.
For example you might have 2 mid week days you can get outside for a ride, and 3 days where getting 40 minutes to an hour on the turbo is better for time management.

The other advantage is being able to do quality interval sessions without interruption of traffic lights or stop signs, particularly for those who live in built up areas.
It can be frustrating getting into a session and having to stop at junctions all the time when you're trying to stay on target with your planned session. With the turbo you can get stuck in using visual aids such as Sufferfest videos or software like trainer road which really help pass the time and let you get stuck in with no distractions.
I'll be doing an article on both of those items in the future.

If you're lucky enough to have an abundance of time available then why not add some turbo sessions to your training plan on double days. So for example you might do an endurance ride in the morning and stick in an interval session on the turbo in the evening.

I've also found it useful to try some warm up sessions which can be used on race days, this way you can tweak them to suit what will work for you and know that on race day you have a perfect warm up session to use with no guessing.

So don't put that turbo away for the summer, keep it dusted off and ready to go.

Try the following 40 minute high intensity workout as an example.

• 5 Minutes Warm up 60-70% FTP
• 90 seconds 110% FTP high cadence
• 1 Minute easy < 50% FTP
• 3 Minutes 105% FTP high cadence
• 1 Minute easy < 50% FTP
• 5 Minutes 95-100% FTP
• 3 Minutes easy
• 90 seconds 110% FTP high cadence
• 1 Minute easy
• 3 Minutes 105% FTP high cadence
• 1 minute easy
• 5 minutes 95-100% FTP high cadence
• Recover 8 minutes nice and easy

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