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Sidas Custom Insoles

Supplier and fitter of custom Sidas insoles.
Molded to your foot in the ideal position to provide optimum support for your body.
We create insoles for cycling, running, golf, as well as most other activities you take part in, that includes day to day or people who stand for long periods at work.

Custom Bike

Sidas specific bike insoles transfer 100% of your force to the bike, without energy loss. (Think of free watts!)
They optimise your position, preserve your body and align your knees for better muscular coordination and more power each time you turn the pedals.
If you’ve suffered from foot pain, knee pain, or even just a general discomfort in your feet, custom insoles can really tackle this issue at the same time as providing more efficiency in your pedal stroke.

Custom Run

The ultimate custom solution specifically for running. From heel strike to toe-off, this insole will provide a unique combination of comfort, customized fit and foot guidance. Pleasure, injury prevention and performance at every step.


£65 per set of any type
Multiple sets can be done in the same fitting at £50 for each additional set.
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